Age: 5-14 years (2010-2018)

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21 and 27-28, 2024

The courses run over the last two weekends in January 2024, with each course spanning 4 days, except for the touring course which runs for only two days.

Morning course: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Afternoon course: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Turkurs: 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM both Sundays. No courses on Saturdays.

Helgekurs/2-dagerkurs: Either January 20-21 or January 27-28. All weekend courses are in the afternoon, from 13:30 to 15:00.

Location: Skistua, Gråkallen Skileik, and Instruktørbakken/Gråkallparken

Equipment: Participants should bring their own equipment.


Participant Fees:

Trondhjems Skiklub Member: NOK 625

Non-Member: NOK 905

Weekend Courses (2 sessions):

Member: NOK 425

Non-Member: NOK 690

Membership fees for 2023 must be paid in order to get member discounts. These will be sent out via email in December 2022.

Practical information

Meeting point

Meeting points vary based on the course type.

Grunnkurs: Gråkallen Skileik

Løypekurs, skøyting, foreldrekurs: Skistumyra

Slalåm og snøbrett: Litj-Gråkallen

Parents/guardians are requested to leave the facility during course sessions.


No food breaks during courses, so ensure children are feed beforehand.

Weather conditions

Instructors will consider weather conditions. Updates will be provided if courses need to be relocated due to challenging snow conditions

Equipment check

Remember to inspect the ski equipment to ensure it is in good condition before attending the courses. For all participants in Grunnkurs and Løypekurs, skis should be waxed without klister. Please check especially if the poles are long enough. It’s also much better for the skis to be a bit short than too long (especially in Grunnkurs). Participants in Slalomkurs and Snøbrett must wear helmets. We do not have equipment available for loan. Skøyting do not require special equipment, but to master the skating technique, skis without grip wax or skis with klister cannot be used. Also, make sure that the participant has good and warm clothing. We strongly recommend mittens over gloves.

Transport and parking


Barneskikursene are a significant event, and finding parking, especially at Skistua, can be challenging. We recommend everyone to arrive early. If you are driving all the way up, preferably use the parking lots at Henriksåsen and Øvre Fjellseter! Note: At Skistua, all parking takes place on Lille Gråkallen.


If you depend on public transportation, bus number 26 goes to Skistua during the Barneskikussene. It departs from the Byåsen Butikksenter and goes up to Skistua, stopping at Ferista and Baklidammen. It leaves the city on Saturday at 09:50 and 11:50 and on Sunday at 09:50 and 11:50. For more information, check AtB’s website. 


Photos will be taken of the groups during the courses, which will eventually be posted on the website and social media. If someone does not want their child to be photographed, this will be taken into account. Any reservations against this must be indicated at the time of registration.

The names of the parents or guardians in the registration

Some may experience having the names of parents or guardians on the participant certificate sent out. We are aware of this, but all children have names listed through the ‘Child’s Name’ field in the registration. Therefore, this does not create any issues in connection with the start of the course.

The final day

The last day of the course concludes Barneskikursene where each course has had attendance. Here, all participants will receive a neck gaiter and a diploma as proof of course completion. Therefore, all guardians must pick up their children at the designated meeting point.


Information about the courses will be continuously updated on our website. This includes course days with unique conditions such as little snow, rain, or extreme cold. For any inquiries regarding the courses, whether on course days or otherwise, please contact the secretariat at Skistua.

For non-urgent questions, please send an email to

Welcome to Skistua and Barneskikursene 2024!